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Icarus :icondanny1210:Danny1210 2 2 The Blue Beings :icondanny1210:Danny1210 7 2
Ode to the Skull
   Were I a non-sentient-
   That is, without feelings-
   And cared not where my mind went,
   I'd ponder those feelings.
The feelings of dread,
Your watchful eye,
On my shoulder,
Without I'd be dead,
Lumbering by,
Mind with no holder.
       You're a part of me, watching-
       See me as I'm marching.
   Your image: I know-
   With it, also dread.
   My demons line up in a row-
   Your image: the Dead.
When I, too, am dead,
And my life well spent,
You'll be there still-
To remind me I'm dead.
I should try to repent,
Hone in my skill
       And hope that brings me peace-
       When you're here, white as fleece.
:icondanny1210:Danny1210 1 0
The Fly
How doth the fly,
Buzzing by,
Keep me awake at night?
Awake with fright, all through the night,
Keeping in the firelight.
That question still, even now,
Confounds me much; I know not how
I must move on, but move on, I must,
And live alone, no one to trust.
Wherefore doth the fly appear?
Like an apparition, drawing near.
Sitting here, I think I know
What the fly doth wish to show.
I tailed the fly, flying by,
To a room I knew; the room was mine.
Imagine my shock when lo and behold,
On the ground, there lay a body, cold.
The fly landed on the body's head,
Showing me it was truly dead.
Who it was, I could not say.
For much confounded me that day.
But then I realized, in fright,
On the ground, there lay a knife.
The knife was mine, this is true.
The hand that held it had turned all blue.
I saw the blood, dried on the floor.
Naught was wet; there was no more.
Then I remembered, this was no crime.
For, you see, the blood was mine.
:icondanny1210:Danny1210 1 2
She sends me
And I relish 
Over every Word.
What I heard,
She still loves me. 
A thought inside me stirred:
What if it's lies 
And she loves me not, 
Then who, I wonder,
Will send me Words?
:icondanny1210:Danny1210 3 2
Mature content
Freud's Toy Box: Part 1. Pariah, Chapter 1. Bar :icondanny1210:Danny1210 4 0
Mature content
Freud's Toy Box: Prolouge :icondanny1210:Danny1210 3 0
Shell Of A Man
Lord, my Heart
And the dark inside
Does smite me.
Lo, I saw
The dark and all there
Was to see.
By it, I lost all
I could be.
A deep pit,
I fell deep inside,
Consumed me.
And it spat me out;
The very Shell Of A Man.
:icondanny1210:Danny1210 5 4
Who's There?
Who's There
In my heart?
Am I to be
Alone and scared?
I hate that part
Of me that fears
To be alone and lonely.
Are we all
Drawn and Quartered?
I know you fear, but you're not the only
One that's scared,
For I feared too.
I feared I'd die with
Naught but phantoms in my heart.
No worries; I shall die with you.
I love this part.
No longer, I fear, for Death, I have found him.
Shh!  For now, love your heart,
But when the time comes, join me with Him.
:icondanny1210:Danny1210 4 2
Hiding Behind the Brush :icondanny1210:Danny1210 0 0 Ghost In the Soil :icondanny1210:Danny1210 0 0 Alice, What Have You Done? 2 :icondanny1210:Danny1210 0 0 I Dreamed a Dream... 3 :icondanny1210:Danny1210 1 0 The Post 5 :icondanny1210:Danny1210 0 7 No Vibrancy :icondanny1210:Danny1210 1 0 Blurry Childhood 3 :icondanny1210:Danny1210 1 0

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Happy halloween guys!!!  I know I've been gone (for anyone that actually cares, haha (then again, if you weren't reading this, you wouldn't care)), but I'm attending film school now, so I'm going to be gone for a while.  Just wanted to let you all know, but I ain't dead.  So thanks for the patience.  I'm excited about all the stuff I have planned.  Stay tuned.
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United States
Film making is my passion. I love to create worlds that are unique to ours and explore them through film. Writing is also another one of my passions; if only I had enough time for both, lol. :P

I'm actually passionate about a lot of things, but who isn't?

If you want me to explain my art style, I'd say it's satirical. For the most part, a lot of it may seem like just pure fun, but everything has a double edged blade. My work can be both a mindless hindrance to the human condition, as well as a stepping stone in the right direction. The question is, do you see satirical work as an opportunity to complain of beating around the bush? Or do you see it as a genuine opportunity to further identify the problems of our ever-growing society?

All art already exists, our job as artists is to capture it in our own unique ways.


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